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Case Study


During my four years at TakingITGlobal, I worked alongside the executive team to help define the organization’s long-term vision.  As Art Director, my responsibilities included product development for internal and external projects and being the leading manager for the in-house team of designers and developers.


A big part of my role included overseeing the design and production of all materials related to the organization. Below are some of the designs that helped define the organization’s visual identity.

Promotional Materials

A key component for the organization was improving its engagement at conferences and international events. I was responsible for overseeing the production of all brand collateral and the new updated promotional materials.


A new bookmarks design showcases the different resources found on the site. These were available in English, French, and Spanish, and the design featured TIG’s updated color palette.

Business Cards

TIG’s business cards have always been unique and stood out because of their size (3.5″ x 1.5″). So rather than doing a full redesign, I updated the front with the new brand color palette and website section icons to reflect the organization’s offerings better.

I also took this opportunity to create co-branded cards used by project managers of specific projects like the one shown here.

Global Issues Postcards

To create awareness around some of the Global Issues the world faces, my team developed a series of postcards that feature artwork submitted to TIG’s Global Gallery and paired it with a famous quote relevant to the matter. The objective was to help raise awareness on those topics and promote that section of the site.

Promotional Collateral

TIG staff is regularly attending events, so I developed a new set of stickers that could be handed out. The team also designed a mousepad with the INSPIRE, INFORM, INVOLVE slogan in the 13 different languages that the site offers.

Pullout Banner

For the organization’s 10th anniversary, we created a new pullout banner that is featured in the middle.

(The original banner can be seen on the left, and on the right is the banner that was designed a couple of years prior for the launch of the V6 of the site.)

Promotional Pins

Some of the first promotional materials I designed for TIG were promotional pins. These were often handed out at conferences or events that staff attended. There were three different designs in assorted colors.

Annual Reports

I was responsible for the production of TIG’s annual reports. I lead the art direction, develop a master grid, and coordinate with project managers, writers, and designers to deliver the final product.

Annual Report 2013

The designer and I worked closely to develop a concept that would help showcase TIG’s new offerings of Digital Youth Engagement, Global Education, and Social Innovation programs.

Annual Report 2012

The concept for the 2012 report was to highlight the key metrics for each program. That year we also introduced TIG’s updated color pallet, so we took advantage of that and added color boxes and big typography to drive the concept.

Annual Report 2011

For 2011 the brief was to showcase TIG’s online community. A heavy emphasis on photography and quotes from members was used to accomplish this.

Brand Manual

One of the last design projects I worked on was creating a Corporate Identity manual for TakingITGlobal. Before leaving the organization, I wanted to ensure that the work that had been done up that point would be passed down to future employees and volunteers.

Section Dividers

The report is divided into five sections, and each section uses an accent color displayed on the right page of the section divider. This layout helps present the section’s subject to the reader and serves as an effective way to navigate the 52-page document.

Institutional Identity

One of the manual’s mandates was to inform and help the volunteers answer their questions about some of the organization’s best practices and communications standards. This section included; examples and templates for email signatures, out-of-office messages, and presentation templates.


Given that the manual was planned as an internal document, I took advantage of that and included links that allowed staff to access different sections of the organization intranet or download resources mentioned in the manual.


“Francisco brings a great deal of insight, creativity and perspective into solving design challenges. He has been a mentor for so many members of our team, offering advice, support and encouragement. He is committed to growing the leadership capabilities of all those around him. In addition to being a team player, he is also able to work well independently on projects such as creating storyboards and wireframes for new mobile apps and websites. He keeps the needs of the user at the centre and a longer-term vision in sight. “

Jennifer Corriero
Executive Director, TakingITGlobal